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Find your local flavours

Find your local flavours
Exclusive to Mealzo
Experience the unique taste of top local flavours exclusive to Mealzo. You won’t find these takeaways and restaurants anywhere else. Browse through the exclusive dishes that only Mealzo can offer!
Named ‘Classics’ for a reason, a vast range of local culture is available to get your mouth watering. World-renowned fish suppers, pizzas and burgers await you!
Desserts and Sweets
Desserts don’t have to be eaten only after meals. We have a huge selection that will be enough to get any sweet tooth excited. Check out all the sweet delights and unbelievable treats that are just nearby!
Healthy Options
Our restaurant and takeaway partners offer a vast choice of healthy dishes. We have plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, as well as people who are trying to make more health-conscious eating choices. We can’t wait to show you what we have on offer!
Our picks
We showcase a variety of award-winning local restaurants and takeaways. Those who belong in local lore for just how legendary their food is. This is food fit enough for a bucket list!
Oriental Cuisine
Oriental takeaway food is a legendary staple cuisine in the UK and for good reason! Delve into an aromatic adventure and order up some of the best dishes available in your area. Spice up your life!
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