Mealzo Terms and Conditions

Legal Notice

Mealzo Ltd is a company registered in Scotland our registered company number is (SC705051). Our address is 321 Springhill Parkway, Pavilion 6, G69 6GA.

This page will set out the Terms and Conditions (‘Site Terms’) on which we, Mealzo Ltd (‘we, us, our, ‘Mealzo’), will allow access to our Website including any Mealzo applications in which you use to Order food (‘our Service’) from any Mealzo platform (‘The Portal’). We will refer to the food outlets we display on our Portal as ‘Takeaways’ which you Order from. The Legal contract for the Supply and Purchase of food will be between customer and the Takeaway you choose to Order from.

We advise you to carefully read our Site Terms before using any of our services through the Portal. When you choose to use our Service, you will agree to be bound by our Site Terms. The use of Mealzo is subject to these terms.

We have the right to change our Site Terms at any time, they will be changed on this page. Any personal information you provide via our Portal is safeguarded by our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

By using any part of our service, you agree to these site Terms. If you do not agree to our Site Terms, please leave the Portal, and do not use our Services.

Terms and Conditions for accessing the Portal

• You can have access to most areas of our Portal without ordering or registering your details.

• By accessing any part of our Portal, you are accepting the Site Terms. Please note that if you do not agree to the site Terms you need to leave the Portal immediately and you should not continue to use our services.

• We can change the site Terms at any given time. We advise that you regularly check and review the site Terms as they are binding on you, and you will be subject to them when you use our Service.

• It is your responsibility to ensure that all persons using our Portal through your internet connections have read our site Terms and comply with them.

• You confirm that you are using our Service for personal, non-commercial use unless you request a VAT invoice.

• You warrant that you are at least 18 years old when you use our Service, meaning you are legally able to enter a binding contract with the Takeaway.

• You are obliged to let the Takeaway know if you have a food intolerance or allergy before you use our Service to place an Order with them.

Using our Service and How we Work

• You will enter your Location, choose a Takeaway, and select the Food you want to order and put in any other Required Information. Then you will submit your Order by selecting ‘place my order’. Please check all the information that you have entered and correct any mistakes. As once you select that button you will be entering into a contract with the Takeaway.

• Once your order has been submitted and processed by the takeaway, if you apply for a cancellation or change, our Customer Service team will attempt to contact the takeaway on your behalf. However, we do not guarantee that the Takeaway will agree to your request as they may have already started on your Order. If the order has been submitted and payment authorised, we cannot guarantee a refund, change or cancellation.

• If your payment is not authorised your Order will not be processed to the Takeaway.

• Once we have received your Order, we will communicate it to the Takeaway and notify you by email that your order is processed. Please note that the Order Confirmation does not necessary mean that your Order will be accepted by the Takeaway. Our aim is to ensure all the Takeaways accept all orders however if they do reject your Order for whatever reason, you will be made aware of this by email. If this occurs the Takeaway will be in breach of their contract with you and any payment made will be fully refunded.

• The times we provide for deliveries or collection are only estimates which are provided by the Takeaways. Both Mealzo and the Takeaway’s cannot guarantee that your Order will be delivered or ready for the collection at the estimated time.

Pricing and Payment

• The prices quoted on the portal include VAT (value added tax). Any administration, service or delivery charge will be added to the total amount due where applicable. You will be quoted the full price before you make any payment.

• As we have many Takeaways on our Portal there are times where some menus have the incorrect price. If this problem occurs and the price of what you ordered is higher then we will contact you before we process your order. Please note in the event of this happening neither Mealzo or the Takeaway is under obligation to ensure that you are provided with the Order at the lower price or to compensate you regarding the incorrect price.

• Payment for our Service must be made by using a valid Credit or Debit Card through our Portal.

• If you chose to collect your Order, the Takeaway may ask you to show the Card you used, to pay with, to see if the card corresponds with the receipt data.

• Our partner takeaway and restaurants will have promotional offers and discounts through our portal. You can check them when you visit their menu online. All offers are at the discretion of our partner restaurant and takeaways. Unless the offer specifies a certain period for which an offer will be available, it may be removed at any time. Orders that have been placed before offer’s withdrawal are an exempt.

• Due to standard banking procedures once you have used our Service and your payment has been authorised, your bank will ‘ring-fence’ the full amount of your Order. If your Order is rejected by the Takeaway or Cancelled, your bank will not transfer the funds to us. They will release it back to your account. However, please note this can take between 3-5 working days. You must agree that neither Mealzo nor the Takeaway is liable to you regarding this delay.

Customer Service

• We put great importance on the Customer Service we provide and the Customer Service team at the Mealzo will try their best to help you, regarding any issues you may have while using our Service. You can contact our Customer Service team by selecting ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Help’ on our Portal.

• If for any reason your Order is taking longer than expected or you have any other issues regarding your Order you can call our Customer Service team and they will aim to resolve and follow it up for you.

• If our Service or the quality of the food you have received is not up to your standards, please provide feedback on the reviews section of the Portal. This plays an important part in our Quality Control process.

• If you are unhappy regarding the quality of the food or the Service provided by the Takeaway and you would like to ask for a refund or any other compensation, then please contact the Takeaway directly as they will have their own complaints procedures. If the Takeaway does not handle your complaint, you can contact Mealzo Customer Service team within 72 hours of placing your order. Our Customer Service Team will contact the Takeaway and request compensation on your behalf. Please remember that in legal terms the contract for the Supply and Purchase of Food is between you and the Takeaway. We do not control the Service they provide and are not liable for providing any compensation to you on behalf of the Takeaway.

Access to the Portal

• We are not liable if Mealzo is not available at any point in time. Although we will aim to be fully functional 24/7.

• We are not liable if your access to Mealzo is suspended temporarily without prior notice.

• Please note that transmitting information via the internet is not completely safe. However, we ensure all the appropriate legal steps are taken to protect the information you provide to us.

Reviews Policy

• The Reviews you submit through the portal must not contain any offensive language, promote violence or illegal activity.

• We reserve the right to remove or edit a Review however we will not do so unless it is required by law meaning if it exposes us or any third parties to harm or liability.

• The Reviews that are left on our Portal for a specific Takeaway are not to be taken as advice from Mealzo. They are for information purposes only and reflect the opinions of the customer who have used our Portal to order food from that Takeaway. Any opinion or advice belong to the person reviewing. We are not liable to any person for any Reviews whatsoever.

• Please note that we are obliged by law to co-operate with any legitimate authority which requests to know the identity or location of anyone who has posted a Review on our Portal. We are not liable regarding such disclosure.


• Please note that the images provided on The Portal are to be taken as a design feature and they are not necessary an image of the food that is produced by that specific Takeaway.


• We aim to ensure that all the information on The Site is correct however we cannot guarantee that this is always the case. There are times where we make changes on things like price, products etc. without any prior notice.

• The Takeaways who work with us provide us with their menus which we will display for them on our Portal. If this information does include allergy or dietary information we will provide it. However sometimes they do not meet such a requirement. If you or someone who you will be sharing food with has a food allergies, intolerance or any other requirement we firmly advise that you contact the Takeaway directly and let them know. Please make sure you call the Takeaway. As leaving a note in your order is not always sufficient.

• The legal contract for the Supply and Purchase of food is between you and the Takeaway you choose. We cannot control the actions of the Takeaways. Please note that we don’t make any claims that the food you receive from the Takeaways will be of satisfactory quality for you. We are simply a direct line between locals and their nearby takeaways.

• The delivery time we estimate at the start is provided by the Takeaways. Please note that they are just estimates. Neither Mealzo nor the Takeaway can guarantee that the Order will be delivered/ready for collection in the estimated time.

• The above-mentioned waivers do not in any means affect your statutory rights against any Takeaway.

Your Privacy

• Your privacy is important to us, and we aim to protect it. We pledge to process all the personal data you provide us in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please give it a read.

• Please review our Cookies Policy regarding what Cookies we use and our reasons behind using them.


Mealzo Terms and Conditions are governed and construed in accordance with Scottish law. If any disputes or claims arise regarding these Terms and Conditions, this includes non-contractual disputes or claims. They will also be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.