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Best Pizza, Delivered in Minutes
Best Pizza, Delivered in Minutes

Let's ignite that wood-fired sensation with Mealzo, which provides you with a world of pizza delights. This culinary marvel that has captured the hearts of foodies everywhere now finds its home on the Mealzo platform! From its humble origins in Naples to becoming a worldwide sensation, this delectable pie knows no boundaries. Imagine sinking your teeth into a piping hot slice of margaritas—a classic beauty adorned with rich tomato sauce infused with fragrant basil leaves and crowned effortlessly by fresh tomatoes. Close your eyes and relish the deliciousness of that first bite! But wait, if you're someone who likes it meaty and bold, pepperoni is your soulmate in pie form; imagine velvety tomato sauce embracing savoury slices of spicy pepperoni beneath a rich layer of ooey gooey Italian mozzarella cheese—pure delight! And fear not if you are vegan or vegetarian, because there is a whole world of veggie pizzas where vibrant colours collide as plenty of sun-kissed bell peppers, succulent mushrooms and sweet caramelised onions dance upon every bite. And what's even better than a sizzling slice of pizza? Getting it at a big discounted price! Brace yourself for a pizza fiesta with Mealzo, where your dreams of affordable yet top-quality pizza come true. All it takes is to download the Mealzo app or hop on our website. From there, a world of delicious pizzas awaits you, just a few taps away. We take immense pride in partnering with thousands of local pizza takeaways and restaurants in your area, guaranteeing you a wide selection of pizzas to choose from. Gather around, grab some napkins and enjoy pizza delivery from your favourite local pizza places! Plus, you can enjoy exclusive deals and customised vouchers when you order directly through the Mealzo platform. Don't miss out on big savings and incredible offers tailored just for you.

Popular dishes
Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza

This classic pizza is a slice of Italian culinary tradition, with its rich history stretching back to the early 20th century. Originally named after Queen Margherita of Savoy who visited the town of Naples in 1889, the Margherita remains a staple of Italian cuisine. With its fresh tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil, it's not only a feast for the taste buds, but also a celebration of Italian culture.

Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

The pepperoni pizza has a fascinating history that spans several decades. It is believed to have originated in the early 20th century in the US city of Detroit, as a variation of the traditional Italian pizza. The combination of pepperoni, cheese, and tomato sauce on a pizza dough base proved to be a hit with customers, and it quickly became a popular fast food choice. Over the years, the pepperoni pizza has evolved and spread to other parts of the world, becoming a beloved food choice for many people. Today, it remains a staple of both traditional and modern pizza restaurants and takeaways and its unique and delicious flavours continue to delight pizza lovers all over the globe.

Our Customer Reviews
  • Sizzler Diner

    Ordered at 17-28 and got confirmation email at 17-29. Food hadn’t turned up at 18-45 so phoned and was engaged costantly 42 times I phoned and couldn’t get through. Totally ruined my Saturday night as I had to go out at 8. Ended up getting something when out

    Sizzler Diner
    106 Carlisle Road ML6 8RA
    3.8 (46 Ratings)
  • Nitten Kebab House

    Would not order from here again. Food was disgusting

    Nitten Kebab House
    136 Main Street EH22 4PF
    4.0 (11 Ratings)
  • Marco's Pizzaria & Fish n Chips

    Food was nice but delivery did take awhile.

    Marco's Pizzaria & Fish n Chips
    23 South Bridge St ML6 6JQ
    4.5 (57 Ratings)
  • Marmaris Airdrie

    brilliant service lovely food

    Marmaris Airdrie
    122 Stirling Street ML6 0AS
    4.7 (12 Ratings)
Gluten-free options are available on our Pizza takeaways and restaurants . Check out our Pizza menus to confirm gluten-free options and order accordingly if you have dietary restrictions.
Mealzo offers a wide range of vegetarian Pizza takeaway options to choose from. Check out their online menus to confirm vegetarian options and place your order accordingly.
Mealzo offers a wide range of vegan Pizza takeaway options to choose from. Check out their online menus to confirm vegan options and place your order accordingly.
To find Pizza places with dairy-free options , carefully review the online Pizza menus or contact the restaurant directly for information. This will help you make an informed decision based on personal dietary preferences.
It depends on the Pizza takeaway. Some Pizza takeaways may offer halal options for their customers, while others may not. Check out our Pizza menus if they have halal options available and place your order accordingly.
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