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Best Desserts, Delivered in Minutes
Best Desserts, Delivered in Minutes

We all have a craving for something sweet after meals. We've got a range of delicious desserts from local takeaways and restaurants in one place. So go ahead, satisfy your sweet tooth and order a delicious dessert online with Mealzo today! From classic desserts like chocolate cake and apple pie to more modern creations like salted caramel blondies, we have something for every taste. Try a homemade chocolate molten cake, served with a side of rich chocolate sauce, or indulge in a mouthwatering lemon meringue pie, with a creamy filling and a crispy meringue topping. And for those with a sweet tooth, we've got a variety of milkshakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and ice creams to satisfy your craving. With your food delivered straight to your door, you can enjoy these delicious desserts in the comfort of your own home. So go ahead and indulge, because life's too short not to enjoy a sweet treat.

Popular dishes

Cheesecake, the perfect combination of cream cheese, pastry, and sweet flavours. Indulge in the classic, rich and creamy dessert that has been loved since ancient Greek times, made with the finest ingredients including fresh cream and delicious layers. Discover our mouth-watering selection of cheesecake options, from traditional to unique flavours like Oreo, chocolate, and strawberry. The perfect treat for all cheese lovers and a must-try for any sweet tooth. Order today on Mealzo and experience the ultimate pleasure at home.

Banoffee pie
Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie is a mouthwatering dessert that will keep you coming back for more! Made with layers of buttery crust, rich custard, and sweet caramel, this classic British treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. With its delectable combination of sliced bananas, whipped cream, and smooth caramel sauce, you’ll never look at dessert the same way again! So, what are you waiting for? Order from a wide range of dessert takeaways and restaurants on Mealzo today, and get ready for a taste sensation that won’t disappoint!

Our Customer Reviews
  • Marmaris Airdrie

    brilliant service lovely food

    Marmaris Airdrie
    122 Stirling Street ML6 0AS
    4.7 (12 Ratings)
  • A Touch Of Spice

    Food was lovely delivery very fast

    A Touch Of Spice
    7A Russelcolt Street ML5 2AB
    4.4 (110 Ratings)
  • Marco's Pizzaria & Fish n Chips

    Order not delivered and no answer from shop telephone

    Marco's Pizzaria & Fish n Chips
    23 South Bridge St ML6 6JQ
    4.2 (67 Ratings)
  • The Hot Hut

    The order was very late. My ice cream portion was tiny and came melted because it was in the bag with the hot food.

    The Hot Hut
    76 Deedes Street Coatdyke ML6 9AF
    4.0 (61 Ratings)
Gluten-free options are available on our Desserts takeaways and restaurants . Check out our Desserts menus to confirm gluten-free options and order accordingly if you have dietary restrictions.
Mealzo offers a wide range of vegetarian Desserts takeaway options to choose from. Check out their online menus to confirm vegetarian options and place your order accordingly.
Mealzo offers a wide range of vegan Desserts takeaway options to choose from. Check out their online menus to confirm vegan options and place your order accordingly.
To find Desserts places with dairy-free options , carefully review the online Desserts menus or contact the restaurant directly for information. This will help you make an informed decision based on personal dietary preferences.
It depends on the Desserts takeaway. Some Desserts takeaways may offer halal options for their customers, while others may not. Check out our Desserts menus if they have halal options available and place your order accordingly.
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