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Mealzo's 2023, Innovating and Thriving Together
21 Dec 2023
5-7 mins

Mealzo's 2023, Innovating and Thriving Together

At Mealzo, our relentless pursuit of technological advancement, both in hardware and software, ensures that our five-star service remains at the forefront of customer care. As a brand committed to 0% commission for our partners, we invest in your success, offering fresh discounts, innovative marketing services, and groundbreaking products. With 2024 on the horizon, let's reflect on our remarkable journey this last trip around the sun and celebrate our collective achievements.

Nationwide Marketing Campaigns

In 2023, our commitment to elevating your business reached new heights through expanded marketing campaigns that ventured into fresh corners of the business world. The cornerstone of our efforts was the impactful radio campaigns across the UK. Collaborating with Capital FM, Original 106 FM, and Tay FM allowed us to capture the nation's attention! Additionally, our inaugural billboard campaign illuminated roads across the central belt of Scotland, a promotion we will expand to the rest of Scotland and England in the new year. Along with our campaigns, it was a year of innovation. Enhancements in our delivery bags, paper bags, and printed products amplified the message of our platform and its offerings to our valued partners. As we step into the new year, expect even more advancements to broaden our reach and, more importantly, yours!

Technology Advancement

At Mealzo, we prioritise the continual improvement of the hardware and software that drive your day-to-day business operations. In the past year, significant strides were made in our Self-Service Kiosk system, resulting in a new design that is sleeker and up to 50% more affordable than our previous models! Our software underwent streamlining for enhanced efficiency and manageability, ensuring a seamless experience. The EPOS software became even more intuitive and faster, perfect for managing busy nights without missing a beat in your business! Upgrades to our servers were implemented to facilitate the design and maintenance of your uniquely-developed branded websites, with an unwavering focus on connectivity. To further enhance your experience, we forged a partnership with PayEat , the fastest growing payment processing service, to bring you a card machine with cutting-edge technology, including a reactive touchscreen, safeguard software, and responsive buttons. This device not only supports the latest contactless functionality with Apple Pay, Google Pay and other providers, but also accommodates over-the-phone payments!

Top-Tier Services

Our top-tier services continue to set Mealzo apart from high-commission competitors, as we provide unique, unparalleled and unbeatable support. This year, our live chat, Zobot, swiftly assisted thousands of customers, resolving issues within minutes and saving valuable time and money during busy service hours for our partners. Daily orders and refunds were seamlessly processed at an accelerated pace, thanks to new additions to our workforce dedicated to ensuring peak-efficiency for your business! Our hard-working engineers reduced wait times for in-person visits by 40%, addressing hardware and software issues promptly, every day of the week. Furthermore, our marketing department spearheaded efforts to enhance our exemplary services, incorporating TikTok management into our marketing services and expanding our team of editors and designers to deliver the most effective results, at a convenient cost!

2023 Events

The past year was marked by significant events that Mealzo proudly participated in. We championed fair pay by becoming a Living Wage Employer, showcasing our commitment to valuing our staff beyond industry standards. Recognition followed as Mealzo was crowned finalist in the Best New Product at the Made in Scotland awards , underscoring our innovation and development in processing millions of orders for thousands of partners! Participating in ScotHot 2023, a premier food, drink, and technology event held at the Scottish Exhibition Centre, this, allowed us to showcase our diverse products to 7,000 visitors, to great interest. In addition, WestFest , a vibrant cultural community festival in Glasgow's West-End, served as a unique occasion to connect with new clientele through engaging games. Late in the year, our commitment to environmental sustainability was solidified by joining 1% for the Planet , contributing to the movement's fund that has amassed £350 million to combat environmental damage. Lastly, the unveiling of the Mealzo Mega Munch , the UK's largest munchy box, became a social media sensation amassing 300,000 views on TikTok and setting the stage for continued momentum into the new year.

What's Next for Mealzo?

As we look to 2024, expect even greater innovation and expansion from Mealzo! With new technologies in hardware and software, enhanced services, and exciting plans to engage communities across the UK, we're set to elevate our offerings further to you. Stay tuned for nationwide multi-platform campaigns, fresh partnerships, and innovative products that will continue to drive success and profitability for our valued partners!

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