date_range 20 Apr 2022
schedule 3-5 mins

How the Local Hero of the month Initiative by Mealzo is helping the local community

The Local Hero Initiative is where Mealzo collaborates with takeaway or restaurant partner to donate to a local charity. Supporting the local community is important to us and our partners and we hope to expand on this campaign in the future, wherever possible.

Mealzo's No Commission Approach

Restaurants and takeaways who are members of the Mealzo family are already aware of the effort that our portal goes to for local communities. With a No Commission approach, we stand with our partners against marketplace high commissioners. This ensures that revenue is going directly back into the local takeaways and restaurants, and not into the hands of giant portals who take a crippling chunk of their income. On top of being the largest food portal in Scotland, and to set ourselves apart from the large portals, we also share local businesses on social media to promote their brand and identity.

Initiating Charity Events

Although Mealzo fights on one front to keep profits in the pockets of its partners, we also push to help those in need. Since November 2021, the local hero initiative has helped charity organisations from all over Scotland. The innovation came from wanting to be known as an ally of the local community that business owners and residents can collectively relate to. Working closely with partners, the best charities to donate to were sought out who could enable hot, fresh food to be given to those who need it. Charity events were also discovered to be a good way to provide charitable donations from team Mealzo.

Support Local Charity

Since the beginning of the Mealzo Local Hero campaign, there has been a huge increase in the number of business partners who want to give back to their local communities and have made themselves available to collaborate and contribute. Donating to local charities and supporting communities, especially during Covid-19, has now continued into 2022 for Mealzo. Scotland's largest 0% commission platform has committed to having at least one local hero per month. This means each time a charity will be selected, usually in the locality of the partners' business premises, and either a donation of hot food, financial donations or perhaps even new ideas in future, can be provided to charity organisations all across Scotland.

Join the family and support your local community

To help support your local community, you can become a partner. If you are a local business owner and want to join our 0% commission portal, our website has all the information and will help you get on board. If you want to support in other ways, you can order from your local favourite takeaways and restaurants on our Mealzo app and website. Find your local flavours on our website and start to shop local today.