date_range 13 Jun 2022
schedule 5-10 mins

Edinburgh Evening News Restaurant Awards Sponsored by Mealzo

The Edinburgh Evening News hosts a wonderful event each year, the Edinburgh Restaurant Awards which promotes the best restaurants and takeaways in the city. Always hosted in a beautiful venue, with wonderful food and a guest list of the city’s best chefs, takeaways, and restaurants, it is a highlight of the year. Due to Covid-19, 2019 was the last time the event was able to take place. This created even more buzz around the return 2022 ceremony set in Brewhemia, a colourful and fantastic venue located in Edinburgh’s busy Market Street.

The Best Restaurants in Edinburgh

The awards ceremony gives acknowledgement to the hard work of local restaurant owners striving to make their business a success by concocting amazing, mouth-watering menus, filled to the brim with flavours and innovative ideas. With around 15 categories each year, and up to 5 finalists per category, there is a lot to see, taste and judge. The judges are always very well qualified to make the final decisions, most coming from strong hospitality backgrounds.

Best Takeaway Offering Award

Mealzo was offered the golden opportunity of becoming the sponsor at this year’s event. Being Scotland’s largest 0% commission food ordering portal, it was a perfect marriage that Mealzo sponsored the category of ‘Best Takeaway Offering’. Five top takeaways were finalists in the category, including Javits, Sabzi, Wanderer’s Kneaded, Mana Poke, and East Coast. All five takeaways in their own right are outstanding finalists, all deserving of making it to the final. On the night, it was Sabzi who got the vote of the judges to win the award..

About The Edinburgh Evening News’ Award Ceremony

The Edinburgh Evening News treated guests to a delicious 7-course dinner with complimentary wine and entertainment. A fabulous night was had by all in attendance and the staff and service was excellent. Showing our local business owners support and recognition for their hard work is a big part of the Mealzo campaign, with big players such as Edinburgh Evening News hosting events such as Edinburgh Restaurant Awards, the future looks bright for further collaborations.

Scotland’s Largest 0% commission Online Food Ordering Portal

Mealzo is dedicated to supporting our local takeaways and restaurants. By offering a 0% commission portal and users the opportunity to shop local and support their local favourites, Mealzo is hoping to outshine giant portals who are taking large portions of profits out of the local communities. To get your restaurant or takeaway on board with Mealzo, check out our partner sign up page on our website over at If you are looking to order a takeaway, download our app and get access to exclusive discounts. You will find that we are up to 26% cheaper than any other portal. Follow Mealzo on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to keep up with our latest deals and local endeavours.