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Aladdin Tandoori

Aladdin Tandoori

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Aladdin Tandoori

Aladdin Tandoori

· Tandoori · Kebabs· Burgers
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Italian Pizzas Perfection

A Pizza Like You Never Tasted Before. We Only Use Real Cheese On Our Freshly Prepared Dough Each Day

Calzone Pizzas & Chips


Flame Grilled & Served With Salad, Mayo Or Relish. Add Fried Onion Or Mushrooms For Only 50p

Kebab Junction

All Kebabs Are Served With Salad & Sauce. Served With Nan Or Pitta Bread


All Hoggies Served With Cheese, Salad, Sauce & Can Of Juice

Fajita Wraps

Tandoori Dishes

The Tandoori Dishes Are Cooked In A Clay Oven (tandoor), Cooked To Perfection & Served With Rice, Salad & Separate Curry Sauce

European Dishes

Served With Fries & Salad

Baked Potatoes

Special Kormas

Rice Or Nan Is Included. All Dishes Can Be Prepared: Chicken, Lamb, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Vegetable Or Prawn ( King Prawn £10.95 )

Biryani Dishes

All Biryanies Are Cooked With Rice & Garnished With Star Spice Served With Curry Sauce

Vegetable Dishes

Rice Or Nan Is Included

1/2 & 1/2 Curries

Chef’s Specialities

Rice Or Naan Not Included

Meal Deals

Pizza Deals

Available: Monday & Tuesday

Tea Time Specials

Available Till 9.00pm

Kids Menu




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